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Box Galleries – Hot Off The Kings Road

Box Galleries has been taking the art world by storm with their new concept of bringing together emerging as well as internationally acclaimed investment artwork.

With Spring just around the corner owner Emma Moir gives her top tips for brightening up your home with artwork and the continual rise in buying for investment.



Love your artwork. Although a lot of designers tell you to buy something to match the furniture and match the curtains or colourways, I would suggest otherwise – you should buy something you love. Of course taking into consideration space, lighting and the general theme and feeling of a room, most people who are looking for something of a certain colour or a theme often struggle find it. I work closely with interior designers and often visit the homes or developments where the artwork is intended. This is key in finding not just the right piece of artwork but the right location for it but ultimately it is the buyers personal choice that will prevail. Don’t feel bad asking for advice on hanging/lighting/positioning of the artwork – I have re-hung whole collections in my client’s houses before and it has completely transformed rooms.

Equally in terms of investment, when putting together a collection people often ask me whether they should opt for work they like or work they think will increase in value. It depends on your reason for buying artwork, but I would suggest buying something that grabs you and do your research. Having said that we do get clients who buy artwork and don’t even unwrap it as they are buying purely for investment purposes.

2.POP culture

It is useful to know what is popular in the art world. I am finding that iconic artwork is selling well at the moment. Russell Young’s diamond dust pieces of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Coco Chanel are being snapped up along with Richard Zarzi’s Mickey and Minnie Collections and Paul Mellia’s DC, Marvel and comic characters. I have also seen an increasing demand for powerful abstract work not just for the home, but for offices and hotels as well.


The advantage of established artists is that if there is already a secondary market (at auction for example) then your chances of re-selling are higher. The benefit of an emerging artist is that if you pick the right one and they become more and more popular, then your scope for investment could be huge, but this would normally take more time. With emerging artists I look for a unique style, consistency and attributes that make the artist’s work instantly recognisable. With better-known artists, it is important to gauge whether their prices will still have the potential for high returns in years to come.

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Box Galleries offer a wide range of services; sourcing and supplying individual pieces, building collections and creating interiors for the home and businesses.

Watch out for Box Galleries February Exhibition “Chelsea Goes Pop”

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To visit the gallery, book an appointment or get advice on your current collection contact Emma on 07786 033180 or emma@boxgalleries.com

Posted on: 30th January 2016
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