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No.2 – Marketing (5 top tips to consider when selling your property)

I’ve written this post as part of a series 5 articles, providing top tips to consider when selling your property and choosing an estate agent. This article covers essential marketing practices, and a few of the most important aspects that must be followed to ensure you’re reaching the widest possible market. To read the other articles, please click here.
Property Marketing
If you’ve followed step one, and correctly priced your property, the next step is making sure it’s being seen in the right places, as if you want to ensure you are receiving the very best price for your property, you must make sure your property is in front of as many buyers’ eyes as possible. A good agent adds value by branding your property as a premium product so using high quality photography, brochures and floor plans are all essential – but these basics below, that are executed by those agents going the extra mile, are the agents that will get the best results.
Many people assume that as long a property is visible on Rightmove, the property will sell and that an estate agent has minimal influence – assuming that the job of an agent has become easier. When in fact, the game has just changed. Agents need different skills and now have a whole new vocabulary – agents these days don’t just have to be property experts, they have to be internet marketing experts. The ones that are achieving superior results are the agents that are moving with the times and adapting to change. The life of an agent has actually become more difficult as properties are advertised in a more crowded market – and although it’s not hard to be seen there – it’s harder than ever to stand out.Your agent should be discussing a strategy for online and physical marketing – ideally a week by week plan to ensure your property is receiving the best exposure. The basics are essential: High quality photography, floor plans, brochures, for sale boards etc. The things all agents suggest. However, there are lots of things that are massively overlooked and undervalued. Here are a few things you should look out for:

Making sure your property appears on Rightmove and Zoopla is paramount. This means avoiding agents advertising with ‘OnTheMarket’. Here’s why:
OnTheMarket was set up by a consortium of some of the country’s biggest agents in an effort to challenge Rightmove and Zoopla, by offering their members cheaper fees. One of the terms for agents joining the scheme was that they could only advertise with one other property portal. OnTheMarket still offers much less exposure than Rightmove and Zoopla – their visitor numbers are lower – so in an effort to save money, agents that have signed up have actually limited the exposure for their client’s properties.

Use of social media and targeting advertising
Don’t judge an agent based on the number of ‘Likes’ or ‘Follows’ – these are the wrong metrics and fictitious profiles can be bought online for a few pounds – these numbers alone can be very misleading. Neither is social media just about automatically posting new listings when they go online. Social media is all about depth – not number of followers. An agents ability to maximise exposure on social media is down to posting engaging, relevant and valuable content to their community. Check out their social media platforms. How often they are posting and how many other potential buyers are engaging with them? Are they posting content that is relevant and helpful to you?

If an agent is familiar with Facebook, they should also be discussing targeting advertising strategies for your property. Facebook is the richest source data for advertising anywhere on the internet. There are over 35 million users in the country and something that most people don’t realise is that the fastest growing demographic of users is the age group of 50+. This age group also have the lowest average number of ‘friends’, which means that most of the content they see within Facebook is likely to be very relevant to them and something they take notice of. Getting your property in front of a highly specific group of people will generate more traffic than traditional forms of advertising.
Is their website responsive to mobile devices?
50% of buyers visiting their website will be doing so on a mobile device like an iPhone or iPad. Unless the website automatically responds to showcase your property in the environment of the device they are using- it’s simply creating more resistance to them making that all important enquiry. In 2015, there is no excuse for not having a responsive website. There are almost 40 million smart phone users in the country alone, not including iPads and other tablets. Without this, you’re losing out.


Adam Horton, Valuer #TeamKirk

Although all of these points are critical to follow, the effectiveness will depend completely on the quality on the content that is being made available. Want to know more? Feel free to contact me directly via LinkedIn.
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Posted on: 10th November 2015
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