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Thatch is Back !!

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If you think of your perfect English country property the chances are it has a thatched roof. Not only have thatched roofs been used for centuries but also now it is one of the most sought after and desirable looks.

Builders Brown and Jones are specialist developers based locally in Edith Weston, Rutland and are putting thatch back on the map !

Along with their tremendous building knowledge, meticulous attention to detail and creativity Matt Brown and Richard Jones have a passion for building in the most desirable locations in a traditional style but with modern materials and their latest development is no exception.

Teaming up with renowned and skilled English thatcher Westley Marriot based in Northamptonshire they have created a truely unique property, Plot 5, Martinsely Lodge, Preston.

Plot 5 is a special ‘One’ off single storey Thatched property built with passionate attention to detail and offering an abundance of period character.

Matt Brown of Brown and Jones says ‘ We wanted Plot 5 to look the focal point to the whole development, the original dream was to view a beautiful thatched cottage through a hand crafted arched entrance by a Wes Marriot from local Norfolk Reed with a sedge ridge, not only beautiful to view but will stand the test of time up to 70 years.

· Strong against the elements and very durable Norfolk Reed used on Plot 5’s roof is a UK based thattching material of very high quality that can last up to 70 years, much longer than other imported reed.

· Thatch helps keep costs downs, current data held by the Thatching Information Service suggests that thatch is a better insulator than conventional roof tiles, keeping you cool in the summer and heat conservation in the winter.

· Thatched roofs can increase the value of your property and hold their value.

· High open ceilings that thatch roofs offer allow you to utilise the extra space as loft areas or create a very spacious feel to all rooms.

· Thatch changes with age, and as it settles in it will begin to darken. This helps it to blend with the surrounding countryside, creating a sense of harmony and belonging other materials cannot offer. Perfectly suited to more rural locations, towns and villages.

· It is highly Eco friendly, a renewable material, carbon neutral, great insulator both of noise and temperature and encourages growth of reed beds which in turn provide important habitats’ for animals. Thatch is one of the best eco roof types around and materials needed are grown easily and harvested with little to no machinery.

· Better building regulations means fire hazards have been reduced and there are far more competitive insurance premiums.

· Traditional thatch is beautiful and natural looking and adds huge amounts of character to a property.

Matt Brown and Richard Jones are certainly no ordinary builders or developers! They have built up an enviable reputation and have completed some fine renowned projects including new build, conversion, refurbishment and commercial projects. Their projects always create considerable interest from both owner occupiers and investors. For more information on Plot 5, Martinesley Lodge present please contact us.

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Natalie Penfield, Marketing Director

Posted on: 3rd February 2015
Category: Brown & Jones